It’s Not Time to Hit The Breaks

Ducky on a cold yet sunny day, wearing a fur hat, sun glasses, and red lipstick.It snowed in Arkansas! Be still my heart!

I grew up in Minnesota. I loved the long winters. Living in the south where winter brings mostly brown grass and baren trees, I just long for snow. I miss a sunny day with blinding, sparkly fresh snow.

It’s a little baffling to me when I hear southern folks talk about snow with fear. They don’t have resources (salt, sand, and plows) or the experience to manage it well.

The days when it does snow down south I get to push people out of the ditch and tromp around in the weather, feeling exhilarated. (Part of the glory of heavy snow or ice to me is that it gives us all an opportunity to help our neighbors and remind each other that we are not alone.)

Yesterday I was driving when the worst of it hit. Mind you, it only snowed heavy for about an hour and then it began to rain. The rain brought slush. Within just a couple of miles I passed, in various locations, five cars in the ditch. I could see by the wheel marks they started to slide and disastrously hit the breaks.

Any Minnesotan worth their weight knows when you start to slide, you take your foot off the gas but you never it the breaks. Doing so will only make the situation worse, causing you to slide further and spin out.

A close up image of drops of snow melting on blades of grass.
Image by Susann Mielke 

All of this makes me think of my goals. It’s the new year. My goals are freshly crafted. They are lofty. I need to remind myself to stay on the road. It things get slippery, don’t hit the breaks. It will only make things worse.

I hope you too are dogged with your goals. Whatever they may be don’t give up on yourself.