10 Things I Love

It a photo of my grinning face from my nose down, with a close up of Ragnar, my orange cat, resting his little head on my knee.These are a few things that are bringing me joy at this moment. I have made a pact with myself to buy nothing in the coming year that is not an absolute need, so let’s see how this series of “things I love” changes as the year evolves?

  1. Drinking vanilla cream loose leaf black tea out of a wide mouth mug
  2. Throwing soft blankets over my old couch and sinking in deep
  3. Continuing to beat the ass of cancer, yup we found more again this year, but I am doing ok
  4. My Woodland Journal where I sort my thoughts and plot world domination
  5. My bamboo bread slicer that makes homemade loaves of bread go further than when I would sloppily saw away at them
  6. Being partnered in business with people who are ethically sound and strong enough to provide health insurance for my employees
  7. Doing back bends on my yoga ball
  8. My simple, lightweight, forest green corduroy shoulder bag
  9. My canvas boots from Sketchers
  10. Organizing the event space in my Conway store in anticipation of the joy we create in that space in the coming year

These links go to my Amazon associates account and I make a tiny kickback when you use them to make purchases. It helps support my blog. (Thank you so much!) You can also see what I am lusting after on my Amazon wish list. (I love reading other people’s Amazon wish lists!)

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