Where have I been?

This last year has been a frenzy. A joyful frenzy. An exhausting frenzy.

With much help from my business partners, we opened a sexy store in Conway, Arkansas.

I never managed planting roots in Conway, AR but my husband is from Arkansas. His amazing, supportive family is here too. We circled the city of Little Rock until we found a space about 30 minutes outside of the city.

Conway has two sizable universities. And about one million campus-size churches too. As we signed out lease I was asking myself, would we be welcome here? (The answer is yes!!)

Ducky grinning at the camera while wearing work gloves and holing a drill.There were no crews or hired hands. We stripped the walls and floors. We built it all out with our hands. We laid carpet, build display cases, processed endless pallets and cases of pleasure product, and carefully hung up hundreds of pieces of lingerie. I worked until my hands were numb. Together we built out a beautiful 5000 square foot, non-judgmental space in the world.

Once we opened our doors, the most amazing humans have come streaming in. Conway, it turns out, is a lovely place to be.

After the store was open for about 8 months, we had the opportunity to buy a little shop in Fayetteville, AR called Condom Sense. It has been on the historic Dickson Street for 27 years and just one block from University of Arkansas. The owner was ready to retire. She wanted to sell it to someone who was also education focused. Suddenly, I have two stores in Arkansas.

If you are not in Arkansas, you can still support by shopping online. I am also a partner in the website.

Life has not always been easy, but good things come with hard work. Now that the stores are up and running, I am looking to come back to writing again. I’ll share my adventures. I’ll share the pleasure products that blow my mind. I’ll give y’all a little piece of my heart and see who shows up to enjoy it all with me. Maybe you?