“She is incredibly resourceful and agile. Ducky has great vision which permeates all that she embraces.” -Mary Yam-Wong, Creative Director, Blush

“Professional, unwavering in her commitment, loyalty, standards, and expectations, she strives every moment and every day to care for people first and foremost. Whether it is a client, a team member, or a cause, Ducky takes the care she puts into each, consistently, fervently, and makes that priority number 1. Ducky is widely known and requested throughout the industry to lead their training efforts, and to speak as an industry professional. I have been privileged to know and work with Ducky and will always recommend her for her professionalism and kind heart.” – Ryan Moore, Director of Operations, Blush

“She has a unique and unconventional style, delivering information in a very interesting, charismatic, yet informative way.” -Walter Hinchman Director of Sales & Marketing, Tantus, Inc