(Take me home.)

Push Me. I’m close to the edge.

I want to share some secrets with you. This book is a well planned out first step in the execution of a bigger plan. I poured my heart into it because I need it to succeed. My publisher asked for 40,000 words. I gave them nearly 80,000. I put everything I have into it. There is a lot riding on Sex with the Lights On succeeding.

I need to buy a home. A real home. A big home. As a Ward of the State of Minnesota (orphan) having a home that I own is going to be major. I need a home of a certain size because I have foster children. I have not met them yet but I know they are out there. This will be their home for the rest of their lives as well. These are my children.

I’ll give you a little history of my behind-the-scenes world… Five years ago I sold a book about sex, animals and nature (based on a live show I used to do called the Screwy Animal Show) to a respectable publisher. I wrote the book but at the last moment I bought the rights to the book back after receiving some stellar advice from a literary agent. He told me I should use my knowledge about sex and unique sense of humor to write a sex advice book. This book would guarantee high sales numbers and make my autobiography more valuable.

The same autobiography that won me a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship. The book that outlines how I grew up with a schizophrenic, drug addicted, and abusive mother. My birth defects. How she would repeatedly hit me in the back of the head so there would be no bruises that the authorities could see. Her suicide. Foster care. Homelessness… and so on. This is the book I have been working on and patiently wait to release. Two directors have already requested the to have the opportunity to buy the rights to this story. My story.

But my real goal is to use my story as an avenue to bring light to the fact that nearly half of all foster kids become homeless once they turn 18 years old. I want to start a movement to revamp the foster care system in America. I want to tell other current and former foster kids that they are not alone. It’s big. This is my purpose.

This has been years of me slowly and methodically working towards my goal. I’m like a little big-butted machine. But first I must concentrate on Sex with the Lights On. There is little support from a publisher. An author must move her own books. I have to sell as many mother fucking copies I humanly possible to create the platform for my autobiography. I am going to be touring on a SHOESTRING budget. I am using every DIY, grassroots, subversive technique I have ever learned to make this happen. I am booking, promoting, and performing the entire tour myself. 36 cities. I am not messing around. And I am taking every TV spot, radio interview and publication along the way.

They like the sex. (They - the money people, the producers and publishers.) They like the titillation. I have plenty of that and can give it to them honestly. And once I have them I am going to use all of this energy to get to my ultimate goals. A home and touching as many foster children as I can in my lifetime.

With that said, I need your help. I am building a HOME TEAM. Grassroots collections of people like you to help me while I am on the road. With your help I can sell more books. Each book is like a brick in my home. It will work like this… I have set up a yahoo group. In that group I will outline the events and actions – like “go to or call your favorite book store and ask them to stock Sex with the Lights On.” I will set up reward systems so that if you are active in the HOME TEAM you will be able to have perks. I plan to have dinner with my HOME TEAM in each city, post road reports, photos and make zines that will be exclusively available to my HOME TEAM.

If this interests you, please join me. You can participate on what ever level your life allows you. Actions will begin in February.

Thanks for having faith in me.